Can Penomet Give You a Bigger Penis?

Penomet is a brand-new kind of penis pump. It uses water instead of air to create a vacuum. This makes the pressure much more even over the entire penis. The problem is that if you want to enlarge your penis permanently, you must follow a strict exercise regime using the Penomet pump. But a lot of men won’t put in the time and effort.


Did you really think growing your penis was going to be as easy a taking a pill, the kind you read in those Extenze Reviews? If you want to believe that, then go buy some pills that promise to make your penis bigger and have a ball!

The sad fact is that no pill, or herb if you want to be precise, can actually make you bigger. The best you can hope for is more stamina and a harder erection. However, penis enlargement is real. But you must use either an extender or a penis pump like Penomet.

One day I read an article that said scientific studies have proven conclusively that penis extenders and penis pumps like Penomet can enlarge the penis. I learned that an extender is a device you attach to your penis. This device gently pulls, or stretches, your penis. You have to wear the device a lot, though. But over time, your penis will get bigger. The same goes for using the Penomet penis pump.

So I ordered Penomet and started using it. It was a lot more comfortable than I thought, so I used it as much as I could.

I was astounded by the results. It’s hard to convey the feeling you get when your penis actually grows! I became incredibly confident in bed and, frankly, felt a bit like a porn star. Is it a great feeling? You bet it is!

That confidence that I felt in the bedroom extended to other parts of my life. I got into good shape and started making more friends. My career took off and I started making more money. Everything started coming together, all from a simple penis pump. Thanks a lot, Penomet!

penomet penis pump

There’s also a way to get the Penomet penis pump for free. Just take a photo of your penis before using the device and then another photo after using the device. Mail these before-and-after photos to the Penomet company and they will refund all of your money. It’s a great deal—just remember to take a photo before using the device (I wish I had done that!).

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