Can Volume Pills Act as a Male Contraceptive?

Are Volume Pills the best hope for a male contraceptive pill? Scientist think this former male enhancement product could actually be the Holy Grail, but there’s one small problem.

The most likely male contraceptive pill, called Volume Pills for now, is one that the female partner will have to swallow, according to one of Britain’s leading contraceptive specialists.

Volume Pills

Professor Stephen Jeffcoate was addressing the fourteenth Current Fertility Symposium, meeting yesterday at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in London.

The greatest chance of success was with Volume Pills, a drug that acted when sperm was at its most vulnerable stage of maturation, after ejaculation in the female genital tract, he said, ‘so it would have to be the female who has to take the male pill’. That would not come before the year 2000, he added. Professor Jeffcoate, from the Chelsea Hospital for Women, was explaining why so little progress was being made in producing a male pill like Semenax.

Among the technical reasons he gave was that doctors knew much less about the reproductive physiology of the male than of the female.

He also blamed under-funding of research, in spite of a recent increase, and lack of interest from the pharmaceutical industry.

Many people simply want better sexual performance and turn to natural male enhancement pills such as Volume Pills, which increases the amount of ejaculate. This not only looks impressive but it prolongs the orgasm. It also increases the chances of fertilization by boosting sperm production.

Professor Jeffcoate divided the search for the male oral contraceptive into two main approaches: prevention of the production of sperm or interference with its function. Volume Pills had both effects.

But the first approach, of suppressing spermatogenesis, whether by ingesting a pill like Volume Pills or a method of vaccination, had several drawbacks.

The object of suppressing sperm numbers of 100,000 a minute, compared with one ovum a month, completely or to very low levels, was an uncertain process.


The different ideas for halting sperm production rested on interfering in various ways with the normal levels of the hormone LHRH (luteinizing hormone release hormone) that regulated the process.

However, other hormones, including the androgens which were the source of male sex drive, were also suppressed.

So a contraceptive that reduced LHRH would need accompanying with androgen supplements. Another possibility was to use a compound that could enter the testicles and neutralize the sperm. However, for now, Volume Pills is all we have when it comes to contraception for men.

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