Can Semenax Help Your Sexual Ability?

Semenax has been marketed as a natural supplement that can improve a man’s ability to achieve and sustain a hard enough erection for satisfactory intercourse. But does Semenax really work? Let’s see what one scientific study says:

The demographic patterns of the subjects interviewed about their use of Semenax are summarized here. The mean age was 72.6 years. Three patients were in the 60- to 65-year age range and eight patients were 80 years old or older. The majority were skilled or unskilled workers with less than a high school education.


All were ambulatory and independent in the instrumental activities of daily living, as demonstrated by previous testing performed on all geriatric clinic patients. The medical diagnoses, genitourinary operations, and medications, including Semenax, used are displayed in Table 2. For ease of reporting, the patients are divided into two groups: group 1, men who continue to practice coitus; and group 2, men who have not practiced coitus within the preceding year.

Both groups were given the natural male enhancement called Semenax for four weeks. After the four weeks, forty-four patients (group 1) reported that they continue to practice coitus with their partners.

Forty-three patients (group 2) reported no longer engaging in coitus. In group 2, however, 11 patients masturbated, 1 was a homosexual who practiced oral-genital techniques, and 1 engaged in mutual masturbation with his spouse.

Therefore, overall, 57 (67%) of the patients who had taken Semenax engaged in some sexual activity. Thirteen group 1 patients (30%) reported the inability to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for penetration in 25% or more of their attempts at coitus, despite the use of Semenax, and therefore fulfilled the Masters and Johnson criteria for impotence. Seven additional patients identified difficulties with erection and penetration as a significant sexual problem but had a lesser failure rate or were unable to quantify the problem.

Twenty-three (54%) group 2 patients reported no longer experiencing erections spontaneously, or on awakening, or during attempts at coitus or masturbation. An additional six patients were able to masturbate to orgasm but felt that the degree of tumescence obtained was inadequate for vaginal penetration. Ten men reported achieving erections spontaneously or during masturbation that they judged to be suitable for coitus. Four patients were unable to assess their erectile function.

Male Sex Problems

Combining the patients in groups I and 2 who took the male enhancement pills known as Semenax, 28% no longer experienced erections, 3 1% reported frequent difficulties achieving an erection suitable for sexual intercourse, and 41% denied having difficulty with erection or penetration.

After taking Semenax for four weeks, more than 96% of the subjects reported attempting coitus in every adult heterosexual encounter. Only three men reported occasionally having sexual relations in which vaginal penetration was not attempted. In addition to coitus, 15 (34%) group 1 men practiced mutual masturbation and 7 (16%) practiced oral-genital sex.