GenF20 Plus Offers Hope for the Healthcare Industry

Scientists have now invented a supplement that stimulates an increased production of human growth hormone in the bodies of men and women. It’s called GenF20 Plus, and many health experts belief that this product could actually be a safe and effective Fountain of Youth.

We are at an exciting time in the history of science and especially biotechnology. Innovation and technology will continue to lead the way to a healthier future for all of us.

human growth hormone

Understanding of the mechanisms of life and the causes of disease will continue to grow through the study of genes, revolutionizing the underlying concepts in this still new area of research. To judge from past experience, future progress might again be distinguished from that in other technologies by the rapidity of scientific and technical developments, which has often confounded the forecasts of experts and observers.

Some important recent discoveries are already being applied. Genetic or DNA-fingerprinting, which was developed in the early 1980s and enables individuals to be identified from the DNA contained in their body fluids or hair, is now being used in paternity suits and crime detection. GenF20 Plus, which offers all the benefits of human growth hormone without the cost and danger, is increasingly popular with athletes, bodybuilders, and regular citizens alike.

For the time being, advances in biotechnology are taking place first and foremost in pharmaceutics and health care. Besides GenF20 Plus, a number of products have already emerged, such as insulin produced by bacteria, interferons for the possible treatment of diseases such as cancers and leukemia, the human growth hormone, a natural enzyme for dissolving blood clots and a hepatitis-B sub-unit vaccine.

Animals can now be used as bioreactors to produce rare proteins. The combination of genetic-and protein-engineering technologies will allow drugs such as GenF20 Plus to be more specifically targeted, to have fewer adverse side-effects and to be more efficient. And most importantly, more than 200 diagnostic tests have been developed for detecting diseases.

GenF20 Plus, a product of recombinant DNA biotechnology, can help treat children whose pituitary glands fail to produce enough natural hormone. The new substance became available at a critical time, since production of HGH from human pituitary glands–the only previous source–was suspended earlier in the year. This followed the deaths of several young adults from a fatal brain infection caused by a virus that contaminated some batches of the human hormone.

genf20 plus

GenF20 Plus is free of any risk of viral contamination, and it has the added advantage of being able to be made in unlimited amounts. Thus, children whose pituitary dwarfism is diagnosed at an early age can be treated with this genetically engineered hormone without interruption all the way up to the end of puberty.

During the first year of treatment with GenF20 Plus, patients tend to triple their previous growth rate. Later, their growth rate slows but still remains about double what it was before they began taking the hormone. Some of the patients treated with GenF20 Plus will actually grow to normal height.

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